Vote Free, Vote JJP

Meet Jeremy

Hi, I'm Jeremy Peichel. The last name can be tough sometimes, think Pie+cull. Anyway, I was a navy brat growing up on the Eastern seaboard until my family moved to Minnesota when I was 10. Since then, I have been in love with this state and call it my home. I graduated from Burnsville High (Go Blaze!) and found the love of my life at a small private college in Iowa: Buena Vista University. I learned to balance life's challenges serving in the Minnesota Army National Guard, working my way through college in on-campus tech support, and graduating with three majors as a first-generation college student. My college was broken in to two equal doses as my service took me overseas with the 1/34 Brigade Combat Team. There I found my calling in environment and conservation while serving on the banks of the Tigris River near Balad, Iraq. After returning home, I finished college and received two Master's Degrees from the University of Maryland in Public Policy and Conservation Biology. Now after a few years in the USDA Forest Service, I run my own policy and scientific consulting firm based here in Roseville, MN.

Part of the reason I decided to run for Minnesota Senate is my exhaustion with finding candidates of both parties failing to represent my interest. By adding a viable third-party, perhaps we can shake loose these party elites that control the choices we see on the ballots and our narrowed list of choices in government policy. I hope the voters of District 66 will agree that we could use some capable representation that reflects our desire for peace, prosperity, and freedom.

A classic family photo from the Peichel archives. Liam and Nora are actually almost 3 years apart, though they look like twins here. Photo credit: Lizzie C Photography.

Personal life

I am very family-oriented and look out for my close friends as well. My favorite hobby is cooking for people, whether smoking meats on a grill, making traditional Mexican dishes with my kids and my mom, or crafting recipes of my own including secret seasoning mixes for pumpkin spice, tacos, and more! With our kids getting older at 8 and 11, more and more of our free time is engaged in supporting their chosen endeavors in music, sports, and activities.

Wendy and I have been married for 15 years this year, and she has been a fantastic help in this campaign process. As my number one fan, she has been a number one volunteer. I also have to thank my children who have been branching out and learning civics by walking with us and engaging with voters. They would rather be playing Roblox or Minecraft, but I'm grateful for their energy when we are out together.

I enjoy volunteering my time in the community serving appointments on two public commissions for parks, trails, and open space (MPOSC and LCCMR) and using my degree in biology to make a broader impact. I also am a frequent blood donor, and especially enjoy giving platelets since I tolerate it well and got my start donating at the combat field hospital in Balad, Iraq while deployed. If you would like to connect and donate blood at the same time, join me for my next donation and we can talk policy while we save some lives!

One of the questions I have been asked as I meet the neighbors in my district has been, "Aren't you just playing spoiler for someone?" I understand that feeling of hopelessness that we are committed as a society to Democrat or Republican. My answer always begins with no, but there are two critical follow-up questions I have to ask the questioner: "Who owns your vote?" and "Do these two parties meet your needs?" The fact is, no candidate is entitled to your vote, they should be required to earn it, especially as a direct representative. The real question for a candidate should be "How will you break from your party leadership/caucus to make sure you are representing me?" For me, as an independent running with the full support of the Libertarian Party, I have the answers for every platform plank someone could challenge, across all issues. On my issues page, I list concrete proposals where I will advocate for our community. My representation is not subject to the approval of party bosses and your vote shouldn't be either. As we progress through this election season, I hope each of you will consider electoral politics as a deeply personal responsibility. We earn the government we elect, and that means make the best possible choice with the one vote we each get. I hope you will vote boldly and send a message to the dominant parties that they don't own you!